Build jQuery UI themes with jQUIT Builder

jQuit Builder is now available in beta. jQuit Builder is a tool which allows you to create custom jQuery UI themes much like with the jQuery UI ThemeRoller. From experience I have found it difficult to make good looking themes with the ThemeRoller, which is why I have come up with this helpful alternative. The idea of a custom theme builder is great and my implementation is heavily inspired by the jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

jQuery UI ...

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Updated to jQuery UI 1.9.1

I have updated the builder to use jQuery UI 1.9.1. which required some small css changes. I also added buttons to the demo page as requested by several people.


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Updated theme builder icons

I have updated the theme builder icons. The circle around each icon has now been removed; The accordion, dialog and datepicker widgets now include the circle instead. That way the icons can be reduced in size from 24px to 16px and will fit better on buttons etc. If the user still wants the circle around the icons it should be added explicitly.

Thanks for your comments and positive feedback.

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